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Elliot Chandler Bracelet

Stock # BLD0046

Elliot Chandler BLD0046

Elliot Chandler Bracelet

Stock # BLD0046

18kt White Golgd Diamond 0.35ct Bezel Set Bangle Bracelet

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Stock Number BLD0046
Department Fashion
Type Bracelet
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Spitz Jewelers Elliot Chandler
Elliot Chandler

The Elliott Chandler designs are inspired by customers who honor precise craftsmanship and an unending passion for adornment. We cater pieces of fine art in the form of fine-exquisite jewelry as celebrated as the individuals who covet them. Our handiwork is reflected in the refinement with which our jewelry is shaped and created. The Elliott Chandler name epitomizes elegance and timeless style. We strive to create with imagination and integrity pieces that will be cherished for years as heirlooms of generations to come. At Elliott Chandler Jewelry we take pride in our exquisite designs which have been created using very fine quality diamonds and gemstones. All of our jewelry is meticulously crafted in Italy with the help of the finest craftsmen in the trade.