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Diamond Education

We stock all sizes, shapes and qualities of diamonds and we recognize that finding the right diamond can be a challenge. Our knowledgeable staff will make your shopping experience both informative and enjoyable and will find the perfect diamond for you. The majority of our diamonds are GIA certified, but at Spitz Jewelers we recognize that each diamond is as unique as the customer who buys it. That's why we don't sell certificates, we sell diamonds and our job is to find the perfect diamond for you.

The Four C's

When you are shopping for a diamond it is important that you are familiar with the terms by which diamonds are classified. Commonly known as the "Four C's", they are the standards by which the little discussed, but equally important, "Fifth C" is determined: cost. We promise to bring you the best combination of GIA color, cut, clarity and carat weight diamonds at a fair and honest value.


The term cut refers more to the proportions of the diamonds than to its shape, i.e. round, marquise, emerald, princess, oval, pear, etc. Every diamond, regardless of its shape, gets its brilliance through expert cutting and polishing which allows the maximum amount of light entering the table (top flat surface) and crown (angled top surface) to be refracted back out. A diamond need not be an "ideal" cut in order to be beautiful and brilliant, but it does need to be cut within certain ranges.


Diamonds occur naturally in every color of the rainbow, but for most consumers, the ideal color of a diamond is actually an absence of color. The Gemological Institute of America has established color grades ranging from D, E, F (colorless) and near colorless (G,H,I,J) to Fancy Intense Yellow to help consumers quantify the color of diamonds. The color or, more accurately, absence of color, in a diamond contributes significantly to its brightness and scintillation.


The clarity of a diamond is determined by the number and location of naturally occurring internal characteristics called inclusions when it is viewed under 10-power (10x) magnification. The location and size of these inclusions is important because they can interfere with the refraction of light, thus impacting the brilliance of your diamond. Inclusions that are not under the "table" of the diamond, generally have less impact on the brilliance of the stone.

Carat Weight

Carat refers not to the size of the diamond, but to the weight. It is possible for a diamond to weigh one carat, but look significantly larger or smaller. Carat weight is affected greatly by cutting, but size is the first thing most people notice about a diamond and is often the criterion by which the casual eye appraises a stone.

The Gemological Institute of America, GIA, is the creator of the famous 4C's of diamond value and the birthplace of the International Diamond Grading System. Please visit their website for comprehensive information on all aspects of diamond grading and other helpful information for consumers www.gia.edu.