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Diamond Details

Shape: Asscher
Color: I
Clarity: VS2
Cut: N/A
Carat Weight: 0.70
Price: $2,217
Stock Number: 9016
Report: GIA
Report Number: 2156046314
Origin: Natural
Depth %: 68.00
Table %: 62.00
Girdle: Slightly Thick-Thick
Polish: Excellent
Symmetry: Very Good
Fluorescence: Faint (F)
Fluorescence Color: N/A
Measurements: 4.95 × 4.94 × 3.36

Diamond Report

Color: I

  • K
  • J
  • I
  • H
  • G
  • F
  • E
  • D

A reference to how diamonds are categorized based on the absence (preferred) or presence (less desirable) of color.

Clarity: VS2

  • I1
  • SI2
  • SI1
  • VS2
  • VS1
  • VVS2
  • VVS1
  • IF
  • FL

An indication of the degree of visibility of a diamond's inclusions or flaws (presence of carbon, feathering, cracks) that may detract from its beauty.

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Shape Size Cut Color Clarity Polish Symmetry Fluorescence Lab Price
Asscher 0.75 N/A I VS2 Excellent Very Good None (N) GIA $2,280